I still get shivers thinking back to how I felt the first time I watched this video. Personally, I think it was definitely a form of milestone in influencing the conversation surrounding mental health issues in Ireland. It struck a chord with Irish people, there was no avoiding the spine chills it sent out through its brutal honesty and emotion, as one man’s struggle was so publicly unravelled to all. The thing is, the reason for the sheer impact was because it isn’t just one man’s struggle; it is a representative of many people’s hidden struggles. The raw tension present that evening amongst the audience in the Bord Gáis Theatre can be instantaneously felt through the screen, almost as if you’re physically there. It very publicly highlighted the severe lack of education and resources Ireland has and demonstrated how the stigma that is gripping our nation needs to be  seriously addressed once and for all.

Hats off to Brezzi.


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