Life Lessons Part 1

2017 for me was a year of very mixed feelings, as outlined in my previous blog post “Making the Leap”, and as I write this I feel really grateful to be able to say I’m standing in a better place right now looking back at it. 2017 was a year where way more things didn’t […]

Making the Leap

In order to truly experience the benefits of change and effectively implement positive change into your life, you have to simultaneously execute your plan of action and propel yourself out of your comfort zone like your life depends on it. It’s scary, it’s icky, it creates 100 different question marks for every 1 question mark […]

Small Tips for Anxiety Management

The reality is most of us have all been there (more than we’d like to admit), where out of nowhere you find yourself suddenly caught up in a bit of a mental whirlwind. I have come up with a list of short term techniques that can be tried. However, I want to highlight an important […]


\\IMPACT//   I still get shivers thinking back to how I felt the first time I watched this video. Personally, I think it was definitely a form of milestone in influencing the conversation surrounding mental health issues in Ireland. It struck a chord with Irish people, there was no avoiding the spine chills it sent […]